Computational protocol: Post-photorefractive Keratectomy Pain and Corneal Sub-basal Nerve Density

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Protocol publication

[…] The images were studied by a trained observer (KAA) who selected two images for each eye. The selection criteria included an absence of motion or pressure induced artifacts, in addition to high contrast with clear delineation from the background.[]Corneal subbasal nerves were manually traced in each image, guided by NeuronJ plug-in ImageJ delineation software []. Total nerve length was calculated and divided by the total corneal area in each image (384 × 384 μm2). This yielded the subbasal nerve density in each central cornea (mean nerve density of the two images for each eye was used). […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools NeuronJ, ImageJ
Application Microscopic phenotype analysis
Organisms Homo sapiens