Computational protocol: Meiotic Regulation of TPX2 Protein Levels Governs Cell Cycle Progression in Mouse Oocytes

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[…] Time-lapse images were acquired using a Photometrics CCD camera (CoolSnap HQ2) mounted on a Leica DMI600B microscope using a Leica HC PL APO 20X/0.7 NA objective enclosed in a thermostatic chamber (Life Imaging Services). The Metamorph software 7.0 (Universal Imaging) and ImageJ (NIH) were used for image analysis. To measure YFP-TPX2 expression, movies simultaneously imaging oocytes expressing both high and low levels of YFP-TPX2 were used and the mean YFP intensity over the background for each oocyte was estimated. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools MetaMorph, ImageJ
Application Microscopic phenotype analysis
Organisms Mus musculus