Computational protocol: Genetic characterization of Measles Viruses in China, 2004

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[…] The sequences of the PCR products were derived by automated both strands sequencing with primers MV60 and MV63 and the BigDye terminator v2.0 chemistry using reaction conditions that were recommended by the manufacturer (ABI 373, ABI 3100, Perkin Elmer-Applied Biosystems). Sequence proof reading and editing was conducted with Sequencer™ (Gene Codes Corporation). Sequence data were analyzed by using version 7.0 of Bioedit and phylogenetic analyses were performed using Bioedit and Mega ver3.1. The robustness of the groupings was assessed using bootstrap resampling of 1000 replicates and the trees were visualized with Mega programs. 45 representative nucleotide sequences were deposited in GenBank under accession numbers: EU557194–EU557238. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools BioEdit, MEGA
Application Phylogenetics
Organisms Measles morbillivirus