Computational protocol: Long-lived weight-reduced αMUPA mice show higher and longer maternal-dependent postnatal leptin surge

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[…] All results are expressed as means ± standard error of the mean (s.e.m). The effect of strain, age, and sex (or maternal deprivation), on body weight, body composition (FM and FFM), corticosterone, and leptin levels were evaluated by two or three-ways ANOVA, followed by the appropriate post hoc analysis. These analyses were done with STATISTICA 7.0 software (StatSoft, Tulsa, OK). Multiple linear regressions were applied to predict the amount of leptin by mice characteristics (strain, gender, age, and FM), due to a higher R2 and lower p-value. Pearson correlations were applied for testing the effects between the continuous variables. The significance of the difference between each two Pearson correlation coefficients was calculated using the Sobel test. The effect of strain and tissue (for ex. maternal serum vs. maternal milk) was evaluated by Mann-Whitney non-parametric test, or Wilcoxon non-parametric test, accordingly. These data were analyzed using the SPSS version 23 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). P value of 5% or less was considered statistically significant. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools Statistica, SPSS
Application Miscellaneous
Organisms Mus musculus
Chemicals Corticosterone