Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 158
Release date: Apr 14 2009
Last update date: Aug 10 2018
Access: Public
Diseases: Multiple Myeloma, Myopathies, Structural, Congenital
Dataset link Integrated genomics approach to detect allelic imbalances in multiple myeloma

Experimental Protocol

This series of microarray experiments contains the gene expression profiles of purified plasma cells (PCs) obtained from 5 normal donors (N), 11 monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), 133 multiple myeloma (MM) and 9 plasma cell leukemia (PCL) at diagnosis. PCs were purified from bone marrow specimens, after red blood cell lysis with 0.86% ammonium chloride, using CD138 immunomagnetic microbeads. The purity of the positively selected PCs was assessed by morphology and flow cytometry and was > 90% in all cases. 5 micrograms of total RNA was processed and, in accordance with the manufacturer's protocols, 15 micrograms of fragmented biotin-labelled cRNA were hybridized on GeneChip Human Genome U133A Arrays (Affymetrix Inc.). The arrays were scanned using the Agilent GeneChip Scanner G2500A. The images were acquired using Affymetrix MicroArray Suite (MAS) 5.0 software and the probe level data converted to expression values using the Bioconductor function for the Robust Multi-Array average (RMA) procedure (Irizarry et al, 2003), in which perfect match intensities are background adjusted, quantile-quantile normalised and log2 transformed.










Luca Agnelli
Antonino Neri