Dataset features


Application: Gene expression microarray analysis
Number of samples: 22
Release date: Nov 25 2014
Last update date: Nov 26 2014
Access: Public
Diseases: Infection
Dataset link Host cell gene and pathway changes associated with high baculovirus in vitro production yields

Experimental Protocol

To investigate host insect gene responses to baculovirus infection under different conditions, a set of custom microarray probes, based on de novo assembly of target sequences from deep transcriptome sequencing (SRA048534; GEO accession number: GSE34418), were used to simultaneously investigate expression of 8760 Helicoverpa zea insect genes and 134 H. armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV, Accession: NC_002654)) genes. In this study‚ 22 Agilent arrays (from 3 slides of 8x15,000 SurePrint Agilent format) were used to analyze samples from: 4 infections of a so called good clone generating high OB yields (duplicate cultures at 0 hour before infection (h.b.i) and at 18 h.p.i)) and 4 corresponding infections of a bad clone (poor OB yields); 6 infections of cells grown in different media (Sf900III plus FBS, IPL plus YL, and Grace's plus FBS) and 8 samples of infections conducted at low vs. high cell densities in SF900III medium, (2 replicates for each time-point‚ 0 h.p.i and 18 h.p.i‚ and for cell densities 5x10^5 and 2x10^6 cells/ml).








Quan Nguyen