Computational protocol: A mesocosm study of oxygen and trace metal dynamics in sediment microniches of reactive organic material

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[…] The location of the ablation area with respect to the planar optode image was determined by measuring the exact distances from the edges of the gel. HR-DGT and O2 optode results are primarily focussed on a specific internal area of 15.1 × 23.22 mm (Fig. ). The original spatial resolution of each discrete measurement point (‘pixel’) is 500 × 280 µm (HR-DGT) and 37 × 37 µm (planar optode); however, the resolution of the planar optode images was decreased to match that of the HR-DGT to allow for direct comparison between the two. All calibrated images were saved in TIFF file formats and were further processed using ImageJ. The presented trace metal images are artificially increased in size from the original 41 × 84 to 225 × 348 for visualisation purposes, while avoiding interpolation between data points; all data treatment is based on the original pixel size.Statistical analysis of the metal fluxes from the microniches were carried out using MS Excel 2016 (correlations) and IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows (Version 22.0. Armonk, NY: IBM Corp) (one-way analysis of variance, ANOVA, with Tukey’s post-hoc test to compare means); the level of significance was 0.05, unless stated otherwise. […]

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