Dataset features


Dataset type: Expression profiling by array
Number of samples: 12
Release date: Dec 11 2018
Last update date: Jan 23 2019
Access: Public
Dataset link Gene expression profiling of T cells of CLL patients, stimulated with antiCD3 antibody in presence or not of idelalisib

Experimental Protocol

T cells were purified from peripheral blood (Pan T cell Isolation kit, Miltenyi Biotech) of n=4 CLL patients and cultured with the three following conditions: i) ctrl (no treatment/no stimulation), ii) antiCD3 (stimulation with antiCD3 antibody), iii) antiCD3 + ide (pre-treatment with idelalisib followed by antiCD3 stimulation). After 4 hours, total RNAs were extracted from T cells and gene expression profiles were measured by hybridization on 4X44K Whole Human Genome Microarray (Agilent Technologies). We first identified differentially expressed genes between the three conditions with Anova p≤0.01. Among these, we focused on genes with [FC]≥2 between antiCD3 and antiCD3+ide conditions.