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An efficient tool for mining complex inbred genealogies that identify clusters of individuals sharing the same expected amount of relatedness is described. Additionally Jenti allows for the reconstruction of sub-pedigrees suitable for genetic mapping in a systematic way. A graphical interface assists the user step-by-step in the selection process, from the exploration and cleaning of the whole genealogical data to the manual or semi-automatic clustering of individuals in homogeneous sub-groups.
An open source R package that contains both established and novel methods to investigate familial aggregation of traits in large pedigrees. FamAgg provides functions to sub-set pedigrees, to identify common ancestors for any given list of individuals, to identify matched controls within pedigrees and to convert pedigrees into graphs, which opens the whole world of graph-theory methods to pedigree analyses. We demonstrate its use and interpretation by analyzing a publicly available cancer data set with more than 20,000 participants distributed across approximately 400 families.
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