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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use OMICtools?

Anyone. It's free and open to the public.

Can anyone submit a tool?

Yes - both developers and users can submit new tools and share them with the biomedical community. Submitted tools are then manually checked by OMICtools curators before inclusion into the directory.

What tool types can I submit in OMICtools?

You can submit three types of resources: programs, databases and links to literature.

What do you mean by links to literature?

You can submit a) articles that evaluate programs and databases, b) surveys of omic tools and c) protocols.

Can I suggest a new category?

If you think an important category is missing, you can suggest an addition. You can either suggest a new category during the submission (an option is available) or contact us.

Can I submit commercial tools?

Yes - We make no difference between a free and commercial tool.

Can I submit unpublished tools?

Yes - OMICtools catalogs unpublished tools.

I made a mistake in my submission, how can I edit it?

Submitted tools cannot be edited. However, you can simply resubmit it. Curators will only take the last submission in consideration.

Can anyone write a review and ask a question or report a problem?

Anyone - First select the tool and then click on the links below its image. Your comments are quickly checked before diffusion to prevent spamming.

What type of questions/problems can I report?

Any question/problem related to the omic tools. We welcome comments that are written clearly and simply.

What does RRID means?

The Resource Identification Initiative (#RII) is designed to help researchers sufficiently cite the key resourcesused to produce the scientific findings reported in the biomedical literature. In collaboration with the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF), OMICtools has added a unique Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) for each analytical tool.

Becoming a moderator?

If you would like to help as a curator, please contact us.

What is a software pipeline?

Numerous programs are developed for a specific analytical step (quality control, normalization, quantification, etc.). A software pipeline automates the analysis by chaining/combining a number of specific analysis tools together.

Why the listed number of approved links (right widget named statistics) does not equal the total number of links per category on the homepage?

The exact number of tools added in OMICtools is indicated in the widget statistics. The difference arises from the fact that a tool can be in different categories (up to three).