Computational protocol: Biomass Accumulation, Photosynthetic Traits and Root Development of Cotton as Affected by Irrigation and Nitrogen-Fertilization

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[…] Root distribution was measured in soil columns at 82 and 102 DAE. Each sector (tube) were carefully dug and cut down into 40 cm segments at the top of each column. The segments were immersed in water for 1 h and the roots from each soil layer were rinsed with tap water. Plant debris, weeds, and dead roots were sorted concurrently from ‘live’ roots by hand according to (). Live roots from each sector were evenly spread in a plastic tray containing deionized water and scanned using a flatbed scanner (300 dpi). Root images were analyzed using WinRhizo image analysis software (Regent Instruments, Quebec, Canada). The software was configured to measure RLD and RSD. After scanning, the roots were oven-dried at 80°C for 48 h and root dry mass was weighed to calculate RMD; the RLD, the RSD and the RMD were expressed as cm, cm2, and mg per unit volume (cm3) of soil, respectively. [...] Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and correlation analysis were performed using SPSS 16.0 software. Differences between treatments were considered significant at P < 0.01 according to least significant difference (LSD) tests. The figures were plotted using SigmaPlot 10.0 software. […]

Pipeline specifications

Software tools WinRhizo, SPSS, SigmaPlot
Applications Miscellaneous, Macroscope & basic digital camera imaging
Organisms Gossypium hirsutum
Chemicals Chlorophyll, Nitrogen, Polyvinyl Chloride