Dataset features


Application: miRNA array analysis
Number of samples: 20
Release date: Apr 8 2016
Last update date: Dec 13 2017
Access: Public
Diseases: Breast Neoplasms, Neoplasms
Dataset link The microRNAs with potential in predicting lung metastasis of triple negative breast cancer

Experimental Protocol

Four TNBC patients with lung metastasis underwent pulmonary lobectomy, and their matched surgical specimens of lung metastases (LM-Met), primary tumors (LM-Tumor) and normal breast tissues (LM-Normal) were obtained. Furthermore, to preclude the unspecific miRNAs in TNBC, primary tumors (RF-Tumor) and corresponding normal breast tissues (RF-Normal) from another four patients with 10-year recurrence-free survival were also collected. The initial 20 samples from the eight patients were prepared for miRNA profiling. Paired-Sample T Test and Significant Analysis of Microarray (SAM) were used to identify miRNAs with significantly altered expression (fold change > 1.5, p < 0.05). In comparison with Normal, the miRNAs significantly altered in both LM-Met and LM-Tumor, but not in RF-Tumor, was considered as predictive markers for lung metastasis of TNBC.








Jin Wang