An AI-based platform to unlock biological insight

Bioinformatics is the best way to exploit the full potential of your biological big data. Try our user-friendly work environment combined with AI-based features and find the right pathway of tools to quickly and easily explore your data.

Powerful decision-making features

Ask biological questions


Type requests to find cutting-edge applications for any biological topic, and use accurate filters to fit your needs.

Access customizable pipelines


Save time with ready-to-use pipelines you can customize, or create one from scratch. Get valuable insights to make confident decisions.

Run analyses in a few clicks


Say goodbye to coding and complex interfaces. Push your data to a secured cloud and focus your efforts on interpretation.

A top level community

Share with your peers


Rate the tools you use and provide feedback to their maintainers. Initiate discussions to exchange ideas or tips.

Improve tools traceability


Upload your source code and get a unique identifier for future citations. Help users find the version they need.

Highlight your expertise


Use credit badges to display your contribution to tool development on your profile page.

Build knowledge in your field


Submit new tools and scientific content in your domain of expertise to actively contribute to bioinformatics research.