An amazing set of features

We have designed a whole range of features to speed up the research leg work so you can focus on creating value and new scientific breakthroughs.

Interpreting big biodata has never been easier

Smart workflows that build decisions for you

Smart meta-answers and insights that think for you, leaving no question unanswered.
Highlighting outliers and diverse outcomes - from turnkey solutions, to existing protocols that you can tweak or the possibility to design your own from scratch.
Smart workflows - omicX

A clever semantics search engine

Identification of software, datasets and computational protocols by biological context.
Production of metadata factsheets, technical specifications, citations and information on tool use in scientific publications.
Semantic search engine - omicX

Careful classification of results

Meticulous structuring, sequencing and prioritizing of insights by our powerful algorithms.
Clever ranking - omicX

Powerful customizable filters

Seamless data navigation by content type, author, specialist domain, number of citations, or other key criteria.
Customizable filters - omicX

Keep a finger on the pulse of data analytics

Compelling stats and trends

Identification of who has done what, how, where and when in real-time.
Optimization of time & resources by pinpointing new correlations or breakthroughs (citations, contexts & outliers).
Stats and trends - omicX

Cutting-edge data analytics

Information on consensus tools, life science contexts and associated fields.
Cutting-edge data analytics - omicX

Agile dashboards

Global and detailed overviews of bioinformatics trends, tool development mapping & timelines, collaborations, top-contributing institutions, etc.
Agile dashboards - omicX

Enjoy cutting-edge resources

A one-click cloud solution

Access to faster and more powerful IT resources bypassing costly investments or the need for high-level skills.
Possibility to run very complex analyses using your own datasets or ones directly available within the platform related to the query.
Cloud solution - omicX

Re-running analyses to identify fresh insights

Possibility to re-run analyses at any time using new or different datasets, or computational protocols to uncover new insights.
Access to a constantly updated dataset library.
Analyses re-running - omicX

Guaranteed reprodu-traceability

Creation of a unique identifier for each protocol and tool version so it can be traced and reused at any time on the cloud platform.
Access to all the protocols and associated datasets.
Reprodu-traceability - omicX

Check out our community

Enjoy peer feedback

Highlighting member skills, achievements & contributions in numerous fields including computation, conceptualization, analysis, data & data visualization, methodology, reviewing, software.
Launch of a community-driven feedback loop, to ensure that resources are not simply used, but constantly improved.
Community - omicX