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A unique platform to retrieve and discuss bioinformatics tools

OMICtools assists scientists and developers to take full advantage of the increasing number of biotechnology tools.
Try out an innovative way to turn your hypotheses into powerful data requests and get the answers from your omics data.

Discover emerging tools. Share with your peers. Promote your skills.

Ask your biological questions

Build large requests to retrieve tools and the latest cutting-edge technologies to design innovative tools. Find relevant and actionable technical data, and use filters to target the right solution.

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Find the best bioinformatics tools

Upvote the tools you like and give your feedback on their performance to help the community. Save time by bookmarking your favorite tools in your personalized collection.

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Interact with the scientific community

Connect with bioinformaticians and scientific experts to exchange ideas, offer feedback, report issues and provide tool tips. Leverage the benefits of collective intelligence for novel scientific findings.

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Share your technical expertise

Participate in building collaborative knowledge. Try out our simple wiki editing function to create content simply and improve tool specifications.

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Facilitate your tool traceability

Upload your source code to get a unique identifier (DOI) for future citations. Version your tools so users can follow your work as it evolves and easily locate the version you need.

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Highlight your tool contribution

Design your own profile page to enhance professional visibility and increase your scientific reputation in your field of expertise. Display your authorship contribution to tool development with credit badges.

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Build knowledge in your field

Get involved as a scientific expert for a tool category in your domain. Highlight important tools, create content, and propose new categories. Contribute to research in bioinformatics.

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