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Allows the analysis of fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) data based on variable projection. FLIMFit enables to apply global analysis to obtain quantitative information from large multi-well plate or time-series datasets. It is able to globally fit complex decay models to photon-constrained data. With this tool, data can be fitted more robustly to more complex decay models. It applies global fitting to analyse polarisation resolved time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) data to determine the anisotropy decay and lifetime parameters associated with homo-Forster Resonant Energy Transfer (FRET).

FLIM-FRET analyzer

Automates processing of intensity-based cell image segmentation. FLIM-FRET analyzer can separate objects of interest from the background to delineate whole cells. It simplifies image segmentation into single cells followed by donor lifetime and donor/acceptor fluorescence intensity quantification. For the software to work, users have to create a FRET collection which associates fluorescent intensity and fluorescence decay image datasets. To create a FRET collection, users import the donor and acceptor fluorescent channels and the donor fluorescence decay curves.

SLIM Curve

Offers a library for exponential curve fitting. SLIM Curve is an open source module that can be used through two different software: (i) TRI2 to analyze fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM) data; and (ii) ImageJ. As a plugin of ImageJ, the software permits the analysis of FLIM and Spectral Lifetime Imaging (SLIM) data and contains features allowing users to perform stretched exponential fits, triple exponential fits and a function for exporting results to text format for further analysis.