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Integrates several open access repositories of curated cis-elements, DNA motifs, and TFs into a unique repository. footprintDB systematically annotates the binding interfaces of the TFs by exploiting protein–DNA complexes deposited in the Protein Data Bank. Each entry in footprintDB is thus a DNA motif linked to the protein sequence of the TF(s) known to recognize it, and in most cases, the set of predicted interface residues involved in specific recognition.

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3 user reviews

3 user reviews

Thomas's avatar image


Very useful database, great free alternative to TRANSFAC

Carlos's avatar image


nice database, basic for work with transcription factors

Irma's avatar image


It´s a very useful database and easy to use

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No open topic.

footprintDB classification

  • Animals
  • Fungi
  • Plants
  • Protists

footprintDB specifications

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Data access:
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footprintDB support



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Laboratory of Computational Biology, Department of Genetics and Plant Production, Estación Experimental de Aula Dei/CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain; Fundación ARAID, Zaragoza, Spain

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