GDSC-SMLM specifications

Unique identifier:
Software type:
Package/Module, Toolkit/Suite
Restrictions to use:
GNU General Public License version 3.0
ImageJ2/Fiji or ImageJ
GDSC-Single Molecule localisation Microscopy
Graphical user interface
Operating system:
Unix/Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Computer skills:


  • Simple Fit
  • Peak Fit
  • Template Configuration
  • Fit Configuration
  • Peak Fit (Series)
  • Batch Fit
  • Spot Finder
  • Spot Finder (Series)
  • Fit Maxima
  • Gaussian Fit
  • Result Manager
  • Summarise Results
  • Clear Memory Results
  • Clear Memory Results (Multi)
  • Rename Results
  • Resequence Results
  • Calibrate Results Show Results Header
  • Filter Results
  • Free Filter Results
  • Split Results
  • Results Match Calculator
  • Trace Match Calculator
  • Spot Inspector
  • Drift Calculator
  • Trace Molecules
  • Cluster Molecules
  • Draw Clusters
  • Density Image
  • Dark Time Analysis
  • Blink Estimator
  • Neighbour Analysis
  • Filter Analysis
  • Create Filters
  • Filter Analysis (File)
  • Spot Analysis
  • Spot Analysis (Add)
  • Fourier Resolution Image
  • PC-PALM Molecules
  • PC-PALM Analysis
  • PC-PALM Spatial Analysis
  • PC-PALMSave Results
  • PC-PALM Fitting
  • PC-PALM Clusters
  • PSF Creator
  • PSF Drift
  • PSF Combiner
  • Create Data
  • Create Simple Data
  • Create Benchmark Data
  • Fit Benchmark Data
  • Benchmark Data
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Create Spot Data
  • Filter Spot Data
  • Benchmark Filter Analysis
  • Doublet Analysis
  • Image Background
  • Load Localisations
  • PSF Calculator
  • PSF Estimator
  • Mean-Variance Test & Mean-Variance Test (EM-CCD)
  • EM-Gain Analysis
  • EM-Gain PMF
  • Diffusion Rate Test
  • Trace Diffusion
  • Trace Diffusion (Multi)
  • Install SMLM Toolset
  • Show SMLM Toolset Create SMLM Toolset
  • Smooth Image
  • Binary Display
  • Reset Display
  • Pixel Filter
  • Noise Estimator
  • Median Filter
  • Overlay Image


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GDSC-SMLM distribution


GDSC-SMLM support



  • Alex Herbert <>

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