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Offers a platform dealing with gene expression data on haematopoietic cell types. Haemosphere gathers eight manually curated datasets including Haemopedia, a library of microarray gene expression profiles from wildtype murine blood cells. It allows users to : (i) search genes of interest, (ii) browse expression profiles, (iii) run differential expression analyses and (iv) handle sets of gene. Haemosphere assists researchers to investigate genes involved in an aspect of hematopoiesis or to discover pathways.
AMPAD Knowledge Portal / Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Portal
Contains data related to Alzheimer's disease and consists of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and other data types from a variety of human studies, animal and cellular model systems. AMPAD Knowledge Portal generates data which have been inspected with the NIA programs: Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer’s Disease - Target Discovery and Preclinical Validation Project AMPAD and Molecular Mechanisms of the Vascular Etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease M²OVEAD Consortium.
Provides several data about gene expression microarrays across diseases. MetaSignature allows users to identify consistent gene expression signatures in a specific disease state. It enables researchers to pursue data-driven hypotheses, and permits to explore gene expression meta-analysis data from either diseases or genes of interest. The research is focused on the strongest molecular evidence in order to researcher can break the self-perpetuating annotation inequality cycle that results in research bias.
IRIS / Immune Response In Silico
A compendium of microarray expression data for virtually all human genes from six key immune cell types and their activated and differentiated states. IRIS is a collection of genes that have been selected for specific expression in immune cells. The expression pattern of IRIS genes recapitulates the phylogeny of immune cells in terms of the lineages of their differentiation. Gene Ontology assignments for IRIS genes reveal significant involvement in inflammation and immunity.
GAN / Gene Aging Nexus
Allows to query, analyse and visualize aging-related microarray data. GAN is a web database consisting of two parts: (i) a database of microarray datasets measuring aging-related expression patterns and (ii) a data mining platform to facilitate the identification of recurrent expression patterns across multiple datasets and species. Users can perform integrative analysis to derive customized differentially expressed gene lists or co-expressed gene pairs, and apply functional annotation tools.
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