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GeneFisher2 | GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes


Allows to design degenerate primers. GeneFisher2 is a web-based program that helps user to find primers for degenerated sequences. The software incorporates BatCons2 which allows to calculate ambiguous consensus sequence and Back-translation of amino-acid to nucleic-acid-sequences. The software provides four functions: Consensus Backtranslation, Codon Table Backtranslation, DNA and Primer Calculation.

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GeneFisher2 classification

GeneFisher2 specifications

Unique identifier:
Web user interface
Input data:
Codon Usage Table, AA alignement, DNA Alignement, the consensus sequence
Output data:
The consensus sequence of the given alignment, Noise Threshold, Conservation Threshold, Cutoff Threshold, Maximal Difference of Melting Temperature, Primer Degeneracy, Display only Unique Primer, Salt Concentration, Minimal Melting Temperature, Minimal 3' GC-Content, Maximal GC-Content, Minimal Primer Length, Oligonucleotide Concentration, Minimal GC-Content, Maximal Product Size, Maximal Primer Length, Maximal Melting Temperature, Primer 3' Length, Minimal Product Size, 3' degeneracy and Nucleotide at 3'-End.
Alternative name:
Restrictions to use:
Input format:
Computer skills:


  • BatCons2

GeneFisher2 support


  • Robert Giegerich <>
  • Folker Meyer <>
  • Chris Schleiermacher <>

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