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Analyses and visualizes genotype networks. The Genonets Server provides the following features: (i) the construction of genotype networks for categorical and univariate phenotypes from DNA, RNA, amino acid or binary sequences; (ii) analyses of genotype network topology and how it relates to robustness and evolvability, as well as analyses of genotype network topography and how it relates to the navigability of a genotype network via mutation and natural selection; (iii) multiple interactive visualizations.
Genotype networks are a representation of the set of genotypes associated with a single phenotype, and they allow one to estimate properties such as the robustness of the phenotype to mutations, and the ability of its associated genotypes to evolve new adaptations. So far, though, genotype networks analysis has rarely been applied to population genetics data. To help fill this gap, VCF2Networks is a tool to determine and study genotype network structure from single-nucleotide variant data.
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