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IBDWS / Isolation by Distance Web Service

Provides a statistical platform for the evaluation of the relationship between genetic and geographic distance. IBDWS processes genetic data with or without corresponding geographical information. This software can analyze raw data with codominant markers and perform statistical tests like Mantel tests or reduced major axis regression of isolation by distance (IBD). It can also find statistically significant relationship between the genetic distance matrix and the comparable matrix of geographic distance.

SCAT / Smoothed and Continuous AssignmenTs

Implements a Bayesian statistical method for estimating allele frequencies and assigning samples of unknown (or known) origin across a continuous range of locations, based on genotypes collected at distinct sampling locations. In brief, the idea is to assume that allele frequencies vary smoothly in the study region, so allele frequencies are estimated at any given location using observed genotypes at near-by sampling locations, with data at the nearest sampling locations being given greatest weight.