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Aligns amino acid sequences of variable length surrounding glycosylation sites depending on the knowledge of glycan structure. GlycoSiteAlign is an exploratory resource intended for the identification of characteristic amino acid patterns of unique glycan-protein interactions. It uses data from the UniCarbKB and UniProtKB databases and it is hosted on ExPASy, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics resource portal. The tool can recognize amino acid patterns and/or residues usually “diluted” or masked in alignments that take into consideration only the glycosylation type.

KCaM / KEGG Carbohydrate Matcher

Provides a platform allowing comparisons between branched carbohydrate chain structures. KCaM permits users to perform two types of matches: (i) an exact match, for aligning bonds with one another without gaps or; (ii) an approximate match, to align monosaccharides with one another while authorizing gaps. Besides, the application includes additional settings such as the possibility to choose the queried database as well as determine if the query has to be local or global.