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gRNA Identification grID

Provides a universal CRISPR annotation system. grID is an extensive compilation of gRNA properties including sequence and variations, thermodynamic parameters, off-target analyses, and alternative PAM sites, among others. The database is designed to keep up with the rapidly evolving CRISPR technology. Users can search in the database by NCBI reference sequence ID, Gene Symbol or any valid 23-bp targeting sequence in the form N20NGG.

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Department of Ophthalmology, Wilmer Eye Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA; Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA; Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA; Institute of Genetic Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

Funding source(s)

This work was supported by a Knights Templar Career Starter Research Grant, grants from the National Institutes of Health (P30EY001765, EY009769), unrestricted funds from Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc., funds from Foundation Fighting Blindness, and generous gifts from the Guerrieri Family Foundation and by funded MRI-R2 project #DBI-0959894.

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