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A collection of domains and sequence motifs located conservatively in one side of membranes either in transmembrane or globular proteins. TOPDOM was created by predicting the transmembrane status and topology of all protein sequence in UniProt database by the CCTOP algorithm and scanning by specific domain or motif detecting algorithms. The identified domain or motif was added to the database if it was uniformly annotated in the same side of the membrane of the various proteins in UniProt database.
CAMPS / Computational Analysis of the Membrane Protein Space
Provides an automatic classification approach of helical membrane proteins including at least three transmembrane helices. CAMPS allows users to browse prokaryotic, eukaryotic, and viral genomes. It offers a large-scale classification not restricted to proteins with known structure. The database includes eukaryotic and viral membrane proteins in the classification approach as well as higher-order hidden Markov models (HMM) and loop length patterns as an additional fold determinant.
TMPL / Transmembrane protein Models Positioned in the Lipid
Provides a database of transmembrane protein models positioned in the lipid bilayer. TMPL is a resource that includes atomistic and coarse-grained protein models oriented in the membrane by ANVIL algorithm, which has been designed to process both representations of protein structure. Users has the possibility to upload protein models and their membrane assignments to database. Most of the protein structures in TMPL come from external databases and were selected for containing the term “transmembrane” in either their keywords, title or description.
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