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VPV / Volume Phenotype Viewer
Enables rapid identification of phenotypically abnormal structures. Data are easily loaded by drag and drop, with support for most commonly used file formats. On loading the registration results, embryos may be overlaid with the t-statistic heatmaps to reveal regions of dysmorphology. We have adopted a hot red/blue colour scheme to be consistent with previously reported results. The heatmap data can be filtered by t statistic value to emphasize regions of different statistical significances. Vector field data can also be loaded into VPV and filtered by magnitude to identify where the most significant deformations have taken place during registration.
CellCognition Explorer
Represents a generic novelty detection and deep learning framework which can enables sensitive and accurate cellular phenotype detection. CellCognition Explorer serves for integrated data analysis from raw images to phenotype scores and consists of two programs: (1) the principal CellCognition Explorer permits interactive data visualization tools and the possibility to perform versatile analysis workflows, (2) and the CellCognition Deep Learning Module which is a separate program for graphics processing unit accelerated high-performance computing of deep learning features.
Acapella High Content Imaging and Analysis Software
Provides rapid online image data processing and thoroughly flexible analysis for all high content cellular applications, including multi-parametric multiplex assays. It’s the driving force behind the Opera® High Content Screening System and enables you to turn images into statistically relevant results and a greater understanding that can accelerate disease research and lead discovery. Acapella® software is optimized for high speed online image analysis and for processing large data sets.
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