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Hilbert curves enable high-resolution visualization of genomic data on a chromosome- or genome-wide scale. The HilbertCurve package provides an easy-to-use interface for mapping genomic data to Hilbert curves. The package transforms the curve as a virtual axis, thereby hiding the details of the curve construction from the user. HilbertCurve supports multiple-layer overlay that makes it a powerful tool to correlate the spatial distribution of multiple feature types. HilbertCurve greatly facilitates the visualization and interpretation of the ever increasing number of genome-wide datasets generated by next-generation sequencing and other omics techniques.


Visualizes long vectors of integer data by means of Hilbert curves. HilbertVisGUI allows to display very long data vectors in a space-efficient manner, allowing the user to visually judge the large-scale structure and distribution of features simultaneously with the rough shape and intensity of individual features. A typical use case is ChIP-Chip and ChIP-Seq, or basically all the kinds of genomic data, that are conventionally displayed as quantitative track ("wiggle data") in genome browsers such as those provided by Ensemble or UCSC.