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Allows automated collection of images from a transmission electron microscope. Leginon proposes a flexible architecture to allow for the development of customized data collection protocols. The system has been used to acquire data for approximately 150 experiments and has demonstrated the capacity for high throughput data acquisition by acquiring images of more than 100 000 particles in a single session at the microscope. Leginon system includes python-side programs, a MySQL database and server, and php-based image and data viewers on a web server.
Cryo-EM Cloud Tools
Provides users with all aspects of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) structure determination, from micrograph motion correction to atomic model refinement. Cryo-EM Cloud Tools combines the full RELION pipeline (and associated software) with atomic model building and refinement with Rosetta and with Amazon web services (AWS). The software provides “burstable” processing power, ensuring that data processing does not become rate-limiting ahead of grant and manuscript deadlines. It can have an impact on cryo-EM facilities with a large user base.
Uses an approach based on prediction of specimen position during the tilt series from the position at previous tilts. SerialEM is a program that can acquire a variety of data from electron microscopes: tilt series for electron tomography, large image areas for 3-D reconstruction from serial sections, and images for reconstruction of macromolecules by single-particle methods. In addition to automating data acquisition, the program provides an integrated user interface for image acquisition, display, and storage.
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