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A complete suite for analysis of sleep and locomotor activity in Drosophila melanogaster. pySolo has been developed with the specific aim of being accessible, portable, fast and easily expandable through an intuitive plug-in structure. It provides a user-friendly graphic interface and includes a powerful video recording solution and a versatile software for analysis of video as well as of traditional (infrared based) data. Support for development of additional plug-ins is provided through a community website.


An open-source toolkit for acquiring, displaying, saving, and analyzing digital video in real-time. At the highest level, Motmot is written in the Python computer language. The large amounts of data produced by digital cameras are handled by low-level, optimized functions, usually written in C. This high-level/low-level partitioning and use of select external libraries allow Motmot, with only modest complexity, to perform well as a core technology for many high-performance imaging tasks.