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Root analyzer
Serves for batch processing of large series of images. Root analyzer is designed for extracting and analyzing anatomical traits from root-cross section images. It uses basic knowledge about root morphology, such as cell and tissue size and locations. It lends the program to applications on a range of species. It segments the plant root from the image's background, classifies and characterizes the cortex, stele, endodermis and metaxylem, and produces statistics about the morphological properties of the root cells and tissues.
Finds and simulates cell file in light microscopy images. Cefiler permits users to avoid supervised training and allows results quality quantification. It starts by identifying cells to individualize the cells in the image. Then, this tool recognizes and individualizes the alignments of anatomical structures. It finishes by storing anatomically and typing qualitatively the cell files. The method can be applied to any images with high contrast between the walls and lumens and a clear cellular organization.
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