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Image cytometry software tools | Conventional fluorescence microscopy analysis

Image cytometry (ICM) associates microscopy, digital image and software technologies, and has been particularly useful in spatial and densitometric cytological analyses, such as DNA ploidy and DNA content measurements. Basically, ICM integrates methodologies of optical microscopy calibration, standard density filters, digital CCD camera, and image analysis softwares for quantitative applications.

Source text:
(Carvalho., 2011) Image cytometry: nuclear and chromosomal DNA quantification. Methods Mol Biol

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An imaging system package relying on a closed-loop control algorithm to adapt the collection of a series of time-lapse images to optimize the measurement of gene expression data in individual cells. GenoSIGHT allows users to define their own functions to analyze cell properties like fluorescence, growth, shape, or intracellular distribution of proteins to any criteria defined by the user. GenoSIGHT is capable of detecting that cells are not behaving as expected and notify the operator in real-time so that the experiment can be restarted immediately.
Analyzes images from almost any digital fluorescent microscope or high-content screening device. CyteSeer is an automated cell image analysis software that provides powerful data analysis, gating and statistics tools for sets of cells, wells, plates and slides. It permits to (i) create and share custom cell image analysis algorithms with other CyteSeer users, (ii) browse easily through files and quickly search for measurements and (iii) support luminous field and fluorescence image sets.
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