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LEAF GUI / Leaf Extraction and Analysis Framework Graphical User Interface

Allows analysis the macroscopic structure of veins in leaves. LEAF GUI is a program built upon a series of algorithms designed to threshold, clean, and segment images of leaves in which the vein structure is visible. The software enables users to extract descriptive statistics on the dimensions and positions of leaf veins and the areoles they surround by following a series of thresholding, cleaning, and segmentation algorithms given images of leaves where veins have been enhanced relative to the background.

Anisotropic Diffusion 2D

Serves for vector-valued image regularization. Anisotropic Diffusion 2D is a program based on variational methods and partial differential equations (PDEs). This tool consists in a single generic anisotropic diffusion equation that provides a simple interpretation of the regularization process in terms of local filtering with spatially adaptive Gaussian kernels. It also offers the possibility to specialize a generic expression into different regularization PDEs depending on different applications: flow visualization, image restoration, magnification, or inpainting.