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Can be used either to improve the output of automatic clustering or to manually cluster raw data. Klusters is a graphical cluster cutting application for manual and semi-automatic spike sorting. It works with a spike waveform file, a feature file and optionally a cluster file produced by an automatic clustering program. After loading the files, Klusters displays an overview of the data. This includes several graphical elements referred to as ‘views’, namely a cluster view, a waveform view and a correlation view. Klusters is a part of the Neurosuite, a package designed to help neurophysiologists process and view recorded data in an efficient and user-friendly manner.
A software package running under MATLAB and allowing for analysis and visualization of functional brain networks from M/EEG recordings. The main objective of this tool is to cover the complete processing framework from the M/EEG pre-processing to the identification of the functional brain networks. EEGNET includes mainly the calculation of the functional connectivity between scalp M/EEG signals as well between reconstructed brain sources obtained from the solution of the inverse problem. It also includes the characterization of the brain networks by computing the network measures proposed in the field of graph theory. EEGNET provides user-friendly interactive 2D /3D brain networks visualization.
Allows visualization and processing of electrophysiological signals. AnyWave is composed of several components: a visualization component that is the graphic user interface; another is a montage manager for editing user-defined montage; events can be handled by the markers manager component; the process manager exploits optional signal processing algorithm modules and finally a component deals with the plugin compatibility. It supports plugin modularity with the possibility to add plugins to add new features such as compatibility with other formats.
Solves forward problems related to Magneto- and Electro-encephalography (MEG and EEG). OpenMEEG, using symmetric Boundary Element Methods (BEM), is being used for many problems in the field of quasistatic bioelectromagnetics, including Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), Intracranial electric potentials, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Cortical Mapping. This wide range of application domains, as well as its integration into high-level languages makes OpenMEEG particularly valuable for basic and clinical research purposes.
A Matlab-based software for the visualization of multi-channel biomedical signals, particularly for the electroencephalography (EEG). BioSigPlot is designed for researchers on both engineering and medicine who should collaborate, visualize and analyze signals. It aims to provide a highly customizable interface for signal processing experimentation in order to plot several kinds of signals while integrating the common tools for physician. The main advantages compared to other existing programs are the multi-dataset displaying, the synchronization with video and the online processing.
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