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Image segmentation software tools | Macroscopy and basic digital camera imaging analysis

Find and compare the best bioinformatics software tools for segmenting macroscope and basic digital camera images. Tools are ranked by the biomedical research community.

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Allows acquisition and evaluation of high-quality images of plants that had been raised in standard laboratory conditions. GROWSCREEN incorporates standard procedures of single-image processing with an automated setup. It allows recognition of light-induced growth acclimation responses within 24 h. This tool can be useful for ecophysiology studies and to analyse effects of agrochemicals or xenobiotica as well as differences between plant lines caused by their varying genetic backgrounds.
LEAF GUI / Leaf Extraction and Analysis Framework Graphical User Interface
Allows analysis the macroscopic structure of veins in leaves. LEAF GUI is a program built upon a series of algorithms designed to threshold, clean, and segment images of leaves in which the vein structure is visible. The software enables users to extract descriptive statistics on the dimensions and positions of leaf veins and the areoles they surround by following a series of thresholding, cleaning, and segmentation algorithms given images of leaves where veins have been enhanced relative to the background.
AISO / Annotation of Image Segments with Ontologies
Enables to interactively segment images and assign semantic annotations to those segments. AISO gives to researchers the opportunity to increase the computational value of image data via the annotation feature. The data-enhanced images can be utilized to mine biological data sets, train machine-learning software, and generate conclusions via semantic inference. This software can be useful for biology researchers and scientific journals that are interested in adding annotated images and metadata to their publication pipeline.
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