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Permits the incorporation of high-performance soft tissue simulation capabilities into biomedical application. NiftySim is based on the total Lagrangian explicit dynamics (TLEDs) algorithm. It contains (i) membrane and shell formulations compatible with TLED’s explicit time integration; (ii) specialized contact models and; (iii) a general-purpose mesh-based contact model with a collision response formulation. This tool uses GPU technology for biomechanical simulation research in medical image computing, surgical simulation and surgical guidance applications.

PET-SORTEO / Positons Emission Tomography-Simulation Of Realistic Tridimensional Emitting Objects

Allows users to access at a positron emission tomography (PET) brain studies repository for inter-subject anatomical variability. PET-SORTEO is a Monte Carlo-based simulation platform that permits reproduction of the image formation process of modern tomograph and can be employed for the validation of data analysis methods as well as correction and reconstruction methods. It can generate full PET studies, including emission and transmission scans.