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A software framework to create 3D finite element models of the left ventricle from cardiac ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. The framework is hardware vendor independent and uses speckle tracking (endocardial border detection) on ultrasound imaging data in the form of DICOM. Standard American Heart Association segment-based strain analysis can be performed using a browser-based interface. The speckle tracking, border detection and model fitting methods are implemented in C++ using open-source tools. They are wrapped as web services and orchestrated via a JBOSS-based application server.
PLUS / Public software Library for Ultrasound
Facilitates development of ultrasound (US) -guided intervention systems for translational clinical research. PLUS offers various US imaging and pose tracking tools. Its system architecture permits decoupling imaging and pose tracking hardware devices from algorithms and end-user software applications. This software includes set of definitions that describes spatial and imaging data and a set of ultrasound image manipulation utilities implemented in an integrated framework.
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