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Summarises data from experimental studies where functional transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (fTCD) is used to compare hemispheric rates of blood flow in order to assess lateralization of a cognitive process. dopOSCCI provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to summarise analogue and digital data collected using Multi-Dop Doppler Ultrasound devices (DWL Multidop T2: manufacturer, DWL Elektronische Systeme, Singen, Germany). The unique aspects of dopOSCCI allow multi-file processing, multi-event marker processing, behavioural and multi-session summaries, image file data visualization, and tab-delimited output files which includes split-half, single-trial summaries and data quality variables. The Matlab based software is available under the GNU GPL license and can be accessed online.
PLUS / Public software Library for Ultrasound
Facilitates development of ultrasound (US) -guided intervention systems for translational clinical research. PLUS offers various US imaging and pose tracking tools. Its system architecture permits decoupling imaging and pose tracking hardware devices from algorithms and end-user software applications. This software includes set of definitions that describes spatial and imaging data and a set of ultrasound image manipulation utilities implemented in an integrated framework.
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