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ANTs / Advanced Normalization Tools
Computes high-dimensional mappings to capture the statistics of brain structure and function. ANTs allows users to organize, visualize and statistically explore large biomedical image sets. It integrates imaging modalities and related information in space and time, and works across species or organ systems with minimal customization. ANTs depends on the Insight ToolKit (ITK), a widely used medical image processing library to which ANTs developers contribute. ANTs can be used paired with ANTsR, an emerging tool supporting standardized multimodality image analysis. ANTs is popularly considered a state-of-the-art medical image registration and segmentation toolkit.
Exposes a set of web-based 3D visualization tools primarily targeting neuroimaging. Using open web technologies, such as WebGL and HTML5, BrainBrowser allows for real-time manipulation and analysis of 3D imaging data through any modern web browser. BrainBrowser includes two major components. The BrainBrowser Surface Viewer is a WebGL-based 3D viewer capable of displaying 3D surfaces in real time and mapping various sorts of data to them. The BrainBrowser Volume Viewer is an HTML5 Canvas-based viewer allowing slice-by-slice traversal of 3D or 4D MINC volumetric data. All source code for BrainBrowser is freely available for download. Furthermore, a BrainBrowser Surface Viewer widget can be load into a web page to view data through an HTTP request.
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