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Reads and manipulates digital slides of diverse vendor formats. Openslide interface can transparently handle multiple vendor formats. It is in use today by many academic and industrial organizations world wide, including many research sites in the United States that are funded by the National Institutes of Health. The API provides efficient random access to multiresolution image data using the concept of pyramid levels. It provides functions for accessing slide metadata and auxiliary images.
Pannoramic Viewer
Enables users to view the sample. Pannoramic Viewer is a digital microscope application that permits to make annotations and measurements. These functions can be easily expanded through its various software modules. It provides several features: (i) Seamless zooming and moving of the virtual slide, (ii) bookmarking on the spot, defining the specific part of the sample by drawing, finding and reading of previously made bookmarks, or (iii) fluorescent slide handling, separate channel view & pseudo-colorization.
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