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AMIDE / Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner

Displays and analyzes multimodality volumetric medical images. AMIDE provides the research community with a relatively full-featured, freely available, and open source solution for single and multimodality volumetric medical image analysis. It provides a variety of additional features useful to the molecular imaging researcher, including fully three dimensional ROI drawing and analysis for static and dynamic images, two and three way linked viewing (dual cursor mode), rigid body registration using fiducial markers, filtering and cropping of data sets, movie generation, series viewing, and volume rendering.


Resolves the complexities involved with conversion of medical image formats. (X)MedCon is a framework divided into 4 modules : (i) xmedcon that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to assist novices, given the immediate visual control on selected options, (ii) medcon that offers command line interface for users who need batch conversion or usage within scripted environments; (ii) library that permits to access to an Application Programming Interface (API), which makes it possible for coders of existing tools to easily increase the number of supported image formats and (iv) the source that allows developers to adjust the library for site specific requirements.