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Analyzes, processes and visualizes multi-dimensional microscopy images. BioImageXD puts open-source computer science tools for three-dimensional visualization and analysis into the hands of all researchers, through a user-friendly graphical interface tuned to the needs of biologists. BioImageXD has no restrictive licenses or undisclosed algorithms and enables publication of precise, reproducible and modifiable workflows. It allows simple construction of processing pipelines and should enable biologists to perform challenging analyses of complex processes.
SME / Smooth Manifold Extraction
Permits 2D visualization and interpretation of 3D image stacks. SME is an ImageJ/Fiji plugin that focuses on maintaining spatial consistency in the projection both within one channel and between channels. The software provides a 2D representation with minimal distortion for objects lying on or close to a 2D manifold embedded in the 3D-observed volume. It (i) improves spatial consistency, (ii) preserves image resolution, (iii) preserves consistency between multiple channels, (iv) works on wide-field and confocal image stacks, and (v) is parameter free.
A plugin for bone image analysis in ImageJ. BoneJ provides free, open source tools for trabecular geometry and whole bone shape analysis. It calculates several trabecular, cross-sectional and particulate parameters in a convenient format. Java technology allows BoneJ to run on commodity computers, independent of scanner devices, fully utilising hardware resources. ImageJ’s plugin infrastructure provides a flexible working environment that can be tailored to diverse experimental setups. BoneJ is a working program and a starting point for further development, which will be directed by users’ requests and the emergence of new techniques.
Offers a platform of pre-processing image tools. Scintillate is an open source software that allows users to evaluate time-series calcium imaging. It was developed with the aim of complementing the existing acquisition and pre-processing systems. The application includes a set of methods for detection and visualization of images. It can estimate the value of the sample being viewed, assess the viability of the preparation in seconds, spare microscope time, lamp hours and reduce distress to the subject.
Pannoramic Viewer
Enables users to view the sample. Pannoramic Viewer is a digital microscope application that permits to make annotations and measurements. These functions can be easily expanded through its various software modules. It provides several features: (i) Seamless zooming and moving of the virtual slide, (ii) bookmarking on the spot, defining the specific part of the sample by drawing, finding and reading of previously made bookmarks, or (iii) fluorescent slide handling, separate channel view & pseudo-colorization.
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