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Hosts a collection of immune receptor alleles that combines known, well-supported alleles with novel alleles found in the 1000 Genomes Project data. Lym1K leads to a significant improvement in the alignment of short read sequences from immune receptors. The addition of novel alleles discovered from genome sequence data are likely to be particularly significant for comprehensive analysis of populations that are not currently well represented in existing repositories of immune alleles.
HITC / Human Immunology Project Consortium
Defines profiles, signatures, fingerprints of steady-state and activated human immune system. Through the HITC, well-characterized human cohorts are studied using a variety of modern analytic tools, including multiplex transcriptional, cytokine, and proteomic assays; multiparameter phenotyping of leukocyte subsets; assessment of leukocyte functional status; and multiple computational methods. It creates centralized knowledge base and resources to facilitate investigations of human immunity and develop novel applications for human disease.
CytReD / Cytokine Receptor Database
Collects biological information about the human cytokine receptor families and their related ligands. CytReD provide a review of cytokine receptors, their ligands, their involvement in diseases and their use in clinical treatments. Users can search by “Cytokine”, Receptor Name”, “Ligands”, “Cytokine Family” or “Disease”. The database can be used by researchers as well as physicians and clinicians to identify what cytokines are reported in the literature as significant in a given disease.
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