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A program designed to predict the impact of genetic variants on miRNAs. miRVaS automates this prediction by annotating the location of the variant relative to functional regions within the miRNA hairpin (seed, mature, loop, hairpin arm, flanks) and by annotating all predicted structural changes within the miRNA due to the variant. In addition, the tool defines the most important region that is predicted to have structural changes and calculates a conservation score that is indicative of the reliability of the structure prediction.
Aims to provide single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in miRNAs and genes that may impact miRNA biogenesis and/or miRNA target binding. Advanced miRNA research provided abundant data about miRNA expression, validated targets and related phenotypic variants. In miRNASNP v2.0, we have updated our previous database with several new data and features, including: (i) expression level and expression correlation of miRNAs and target genes in different tissues, (ii) linking SNPs to the results of genome-wide association studies, (iii) integrating experimentally validated miRNA:mRNA interactions, (iv) adding multiple filters to prioritize functional SNPs.
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