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Imprinted gene and parent-of-origin effect database
Consists of two sections. Imprinted gene and parent-of-origin effect database first section catalogues the current literature on imprinted genes in humans and animals. The second section catalogues current reports of parental origin of de novo mutations in humans alone. The addition of a catalogue of de novo mutations that show a parent-of-origin effect expands the scope of the database and provides a useful tool for examining parental origin trends for different types of spontaneous mutations. This section includes more than 1700 mutations, found in 59 different disorders. The 85 imprinted genes are described in 152 entries from several mammalian species. In addition, more than 300 other entries describe a range of reported parent-of-origin effects in animals.
Integrates curated information about mutant mouse lines held as live or cryopreserved stocks from MRC Harwell research and from external data resources. MouseBook can be browsed by catalog or the database can be searched using an intuitive Google-style search engine and searches can be restricted by content-type to genes, variants, imprinting genes or regions and stocks. The users can find items in the database by searching for gene names, key words or ontology terms. The MouseBook web portal also provides the ability to order mutant mouse line stocks.
Focuses on the collection of information concerning mammalian imprinted genes. MetaImprint incorporates 539 imprinted genes, including 255 experimentally confirmed genes, and their detailed research courses from eight mammalian species. MetaImprint also hosts genome-wide genetic and epigenetic information of imprinted genes, including imprinting control regions, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), non-coding RNAs, DNA methylation and histone modifications. Information related to human diseases and functional annotation was also integrated into MetaImprint. To facilitate data extraction, MetaImprint supports multiple search options, such as by gene ID and disease name. Moreover, a configurable Imprinted Gene Browser was developed to visualize the information on imprinted genes in a genomic context.
WAMIDEX / Web Atlas of Murine genomic Imprinting and Differential EXpression
Integrates a comprehensive literature-derived catalog of murine imprinted genes with a genome browser that makes the microarray data immediately accessible in annotation-rich genomic context. WAMIDEX exemplifies the use of the self-organizing map method for the discovery of novel imprinted genes from microarray data. The parent-of-origin-specific expression of imprinted genes is frequently limited to specific tissues or developmental stages, a fact that the atlas reflects in its design and data content.
Serves as a comprehensive resource center for mammalian imprinted ncRNAs. ncRNAimprint is a catalog of imprinted ncRNAs, including snoRNAs, microRNAs, piRNAs, siRNAs, antisense ncRNAs, and mRNA-like ncRNAs, which was annotated in detail using information extracted from relevant literature and databases. Comprehensive collections of imprinted ncRNA-related diseases, imprinting control regions (ICRs), and imprinted regions were manually compiled to provide resources for current research focusing on imprinted ncRNAs. Small RNA deep sequencing reads that fully matched within imprinted regions were also included to offer useful evidence in detecting novel imprinted ncRNAs and to aid in analyzing expression patterns of known imprinted ncRNAs. A search page including four effective search forms and two graphical browsers was created for rapid retrieval and visualization of these data.