Leveraging life science data to reveal exciting new insights





Finding that all-important edge involves decoding literature to identify thought processes and scrutinizing citations to deliver the right information, to the right people, in the right context.

Decision support

Decision-making support for devising powerful strategies

To gain a business advantage, it’s essential to conduct a competitive landscape analysis and map shifting trends. Our analytics reports do just that. We harness knowledge to provide an unbiased picture and the resources for driving informed decision-making, devising product development strategies, identifying new marketing opportunities and generating sales leads. Casino businesses must also consider the current market trends in offering promotions and games. The current trends are increasing the number of online casinos. Interested gamblers can visit Neueonlinecasinos.io site to find the best online casinos.

Measurable returns

A huge time saver

Finding the right methodology or expert in a specialist field is always challenging and time consuming. This task is made much quicker and simpler with the help of our cognitive analytics tools which map and decipher how data sources are connected. They also benchmark research activities and deliver smart meta insights for optimizing R&D; resources and drug discovery.

Use case for bioinformaticians

Use case for academic researcher

An integrated, multi-purpose solution

omicX has developed an integrated multi-entry point ecosystem. It is designed to cross all department and corporate boundaries, delivering a wide variety of meaningful insights or competitive intelligence. This, coupled with our unique methodology and analytics, means we can deliver multi-purpose, reports for use in bioinformatics, R&D;, marketing and strategy development.

Existing solutions

Identification of multiple resources, but no way of leveraging the data.

Existing solution

New added-value solution from omicX

omicX unravels researchers’ thought processes to generate methodologies.

New added-value solution from omicX

Leveraging information is all about getting data to talk

Identifying the most appropriate computational protocols can take millions of research dollars.
To save precious resources and speed up therapy development by weeks or even months, omicX has developed
AI assistants that are trained to read scientific papers and work out which computational protocols or
tool combinations were used. The omicX search engine is unlike traditional search engines,
being built by scientists, for scientists. It makes use of proprietary machine learning models built
from manually curated data templates to associate protocols with medical or experimental contexts.

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