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A rice knowledgebase featuring adoption of an extensible and sustainable architecture that integrates multiple omics data through community-contributed modules. Each module is developed and maintained by different committed groups, deals with data collection, processing and visualization, and delivers data on-demand via web services. In the current version, IC4R incorporates a variety of rice data through multiple committed modules, including genome-wide expression profiles derived entirely from RNA-Seq data, resequencing-based genomic variations obtained from re-sequencing data of thousands of rice varieties, plant homologous genes covering multiple diverse plant species, post-translational modifications, rice-related literatures and gene annotations contributed by the rice research community. Unlike extant related databases, IC4R is designed for scalability and sustainability and thus also features collaborative integration of rice data and low costs for database update and maintenance. Future directions of IC4R include incorporation of other omics data and association of multiple omics data with agronomically important traits, dedicating to build IC4R into a valuable knowledgebase for both basic and translational researches in rice.

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  • Zhang Zhang <zhangzhang at big.ac.cn>


The IC4R Project Consortium

Funding source(s)

Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences [XDA08020102]; National Programs for High Technology Research and Development [2015AA020108, 2012AA020409, 2012AA10A304]; the ‘100-Talent Program’ of Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Natural Science Foundation of China [31100915, 31171263, 81272578, 31200978, 31000561]; National Science Foundation Advanced Biological Informatics Innovation [1261830]; Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China [2015MS0633]

  • (Consortium, 2015) Information Commons for Rice (IC4R). Nucleic acids research.
    PMID: 26519466
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    • Oryza sativa

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