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Information retrieval software tools | Biomedical text mining Information Retrieval (IR) is described in terms of predictive text mining. The concept IR was first introduced by Mooers in 1950, although it was only in the 1970s when full text analysis and document indexing became common. Before that, most searches could be considered metadata searches querying for well-defined fields such as title, authors, or keywords. Research related to chemical IR systems had an important initial event in 1951, when IBM did a first presentation on an electronic information-searching machine based on a punched-card equipment for coding and sorting cards that allowed a search rate of 1000 cards per minute. This system was presented back then to the American Chemical Society Committee on Scientific Aids to Literature. Sanderson and Croft provided a short historical description of IR systems, introducing also mechanical and electro-mechanical devices for searching entries in catalogues and early preweb computer-based retrieval systems.

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