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A community-driven web-based resource that aims to provide a portal onto various types of Omics data to facilitate comparative genomic studies, promoter and transcriptional network analyses, models of macrophage pathways together with other information on these cells. To this end, macrophages.com combines public and in-house analyses of expression data with pre-analysed views of co-expressed genes as supported by the network analysis tool BioLayout Express (3D), as well as providing access to maps of pathways active in macrophages.
A curated database about the Hapten molecules where information is collected from published literature and web resources. HaptenDB covers a wide array of haptens including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drugs, vitamins, steroids, hormones, toxins, dyes, explosives, etc. It provides internal and external links to various databases/resources to obtain further information about the nature of haptens, carriers and respective antibodies. For structure similarity comparison of haptens, the database also integrates tools like JME Editor and JMOL for sketching, displaying and manipulating hapten 2D/3D structures online.
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