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INMEX | A web-based tool for integrative meta-analysis of expression data


Assists researchers in conducting two common types of analyses - meta-analysis of multiple gene expression datasets ( meta-analysis) or joint analysis of a gene expression dataset and a metabolomic dataset (integrative analysis), that have been collected under the same or comparable biological conditions. INMEX supports facile data upload, flexible data annotation, comprehensive meta-analysis approaches, as well as integrative analysis of metabolomic and transcriptomic data. With the increasing numbers of data sets that are being generated and becoming publicly available, INMEX will become a valuable tool to the research community.

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INMEX classification

INMEX specifications

Unique identifier:
Web user interface
Input data:
The inputs for the data upload step are data tables containing gene expression values or relative expression values with genes/probes in rows and samples/experiments delineated in individual columns.
INtegrative Meta-analysis of EXpression data
Restrictions to use:
Computer skills:

INMEX support


This tool is not available anymore.


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Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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