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IGDD / Intronless Genes Database in Dicots
A comprehensive and up-to-date platform to assist the exploration of intronless genes in dicot plants. IGDD contains data for five well-annotated plants including Arabidopsis thaliana, Carica papaya, Populus trichocarpa, Salix suchowensis and Vitis vinifera. Using highly visual settings, IGDD displays the structural and functional annotations, the homolog groups, the syntenic relationships, the expression patterns, and the statistical characteristics of intronless genes. In addition, useful tools such as an advanced search and local BLAST are available through a user-friendly and intuitive web interface.
Genome SEGE
Provides information on the distribution of 'intronless' genes in different genomes together with their length distributions in each genome. The unique features that distinguish Genome SEGE from SEGE is the service providing representative 'intronless' datasets for completely sequenced genomes. 'Intronless' gene sets available in this database will be of use for subsequent bio-computational analysis in comparative genomics and evolutionary studies. Such analysis may help to revisit the original genome data for re-examination and re-annotation.
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