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An effective platform for the identification and the visualization of miRNAs and their cognate isomiRs using NGS datasets spanning 193 species (including plants, animals and viruses using miRbase v.19). isomiRex has been developed with the goal to find, annotate and intersect microRNAs from plant and animal NGS datasets on one platform with a single data submission. The web platform provides an effective way for the identification of the miRNAs in the NGS dataset and. simultaneously infers the differential expression of the identified miRNAs by taking into account all the sequence variants generated from miRNA precursors (pre-miRNA) along with indexed reference mature miRNA sequence. Moreover, isomiRex can be potentially exploited for the identification of isomiRs with higher copy number as compared to the selected reference mature miRNA in miRBase.

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  • Gaurav Sablok <sablokg at gmail.com>


Department of Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology, Research and Innovation Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Via E Mach 1, 38010S Michele all’Adige, TN, Italy; Department of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Group, University of Plovdiv, Tzar Assen 24, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • (Sablok et al., 2013) isomiRex: web-based identification of microRNAs, isomiR variations and differential expression using next-generation sequencing datasets. FEBS letters.
    PMID: 23831580

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