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A scientific software tool designed for the purpose of isotope labeling experiments (ILE). IsoCor correct raw MS data (isotopic clusters) for the contribution of all naturally abundant isotopes. The output of IsoCor is the isotopologue distribution – i.e. the relative fractions of molecular entities differing only in the number of isotopic substitutions – of the molecule. IsoCor also calculates the mean enrichment – i.e. the molecular content in the isotope – in metabolites or their fragments.
ICT / Isotope Correction Toolbox
A program that corrects tandem mass isotopomer data from tandem mass spectrometry experiments. ICT supports numerous features, including but not limited to batch processing, considering the purity of the tracer, supporting any labeling source and accounting for any number of isotopes. However, the main advantages of ICT are that it can deal with precursor ion fragmentation and hence, unlike other available programs, can correct tandem mass spectrometry data. It is written in the multi-platform programming language Perl and, therefore, can be used on all commonly available computer platforms.
Performs a primary analysis of isotopic isomers (isotopomers) distribution obtained by Gas Chromatography coupled with Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). The aim of MIDcor is to have a correct distribution of isotopes originated from substrates that are artificially enriched with specific isotopes. To this end, the program performs a correction for natural occurring isotopes and also correction for “impurities” of the assay media that give peaks overlapping with the spectra of analyzed labeled metabolites. This program offers two ways of corrections of “impurities” resulted from overlapping the assayed mass isotopomer distribution with peaks produced either by unknown metabolites in the media, or by different fragments produced by the assayed metabolite.
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